10 home care tips for the elderly at home

There comes a time in the lives of our elders who begin to need help to carry out the tasks of daily life, such as dressing, washing, eating, etc. For this reason, home care for the elderly at home is one of the options for many families who are beginning to detect this type of need.

Caring for the elderly may seem simple since we have lived with them all our lives. However, it is a task that requires specific knowledge and skills that many people are unaware of. In addition, it implies a very important emotional value.

10 Tips for caring for the elderly at home

home care for elders

If you have finally decided to home care of your elder at home, we leave you with 10 tips that are key to their well-being, and to yours:

Analyze needs

The first thing you should do is see what your relative’s needs are, as well as the resources you have available. This is a good starting point. In this way, you will be able to see what you need and where you can look for the necessary help.

Agree with your family

Surely you are not an only child and have more siblings. It is necessary to agree with them to see who is going to be in charge of the care or how the tasks are going to be distributed. It is an important decision, so it is necessary that you meet with them and establish the best care system.

Create a routine

It is very important that the older person is busy and performs tasks during the day to promote their independence and autonomy. Therefore, it is necessary to have a schedule for routine activities, as well as plan outings throughout the day. The routine helps them structure the day and feel more accomplished.

Get professional help

Probably your family member suffers from some pathology, so it is recommended to have the help of a professional. He does not have to do all the work, but he does advise or visit the elder from time to time to check his health. Geriatricians carry out this work and can advise families on the treatment of the elderly.

Adapt the house

In the event that the home is not adapted to the mobility needs of the elderly, it is necessary to make all the appropriate changes so that the elderly person does not suffer accidents or falls. In the same way, it is necessary to remove obstacles and objects that can hinder their mobility, as well as to adapt bathrooms and showers.

Eat a good diet

Nutrition in the elderly is very important. Therefore, we must help him maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Also, avoid alcohol and fatty or processed foods that can harm your digestive system.

If the eldest has any dietary difficulties, such as diabetes, it is necessary to adapt their menu.

Stay active

Like diet, physical exercise is essential for leading a healthy life and healthy aging. We can help you do small exercises at home, or even go for a walk.

Likewise, memory exercises will help you avoid cognitive deterioration and the progression of dementia. In addition, we can try to teach them new things that generate concerns and illusions.

Medication management

Normally your relative will be taking medication. It is very important that you keep a record of the hours and medications you take. It will be difficult for him to remember and it is very important that he does not miss any doses.

It encourages their social relationships

To take care of your mental health, you need to maintain your network of relationships, both family and friends. Socialization helps to avoid loneliness and isolation, favoring their quality of life and their independence. Therefore, you can help him meet his friends from him, and even organize meetings with old acquaintances.

It is also very flattering that you include him in family decisions, he will feel fulfilled and part of the family.

Take time for yourself

If you want to give the best care to your elder, you need to take time for yourself. Caring for a family member is a complicated and demanding task that can generate a lot of stress, so taking a break from time to time is very important. This way you will guarantee to be 100%.

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