Essential maintenance for your car

Taking care of your car is an important issue. Regardless of whether it is a new car, you should always be on the lookout to keep it in optimal conditions, that is why we want to tell you about the basic maintenance that your car should receive.

Take Care Of The Engine

Taking care of car

It is the most important part of your car and its proper operation depends on the condition of parts such as the spark plugs, the air filter, and the lubricant. The latter is important since each piece must obtain enough oil to move easily and avoid friction that precipitates its wear.

In the case of oil, you must ensure that the level is at its maximum and change the oil every 15,000 kilometers (preferably). Here you can read about which is the best oil for your car, the types of oil and its importance.

If you don’t know what oil your Volkswagen has, you can schedule an appointment at our Volkswagen Service workshops to have it checked.


The brakes are essential for your safety, so the moment you notice a fault you should take it to the workshop. Remember to check them frequently, regardless of whether they are disc or drum. You should also take into account the level of the brake fluid reservoir and change it at least once a year.

There are parts of the brake system that may be more exposed to friction, such as linings, discs, or brake calipers, so they are more likely to show wear. To find out if the brakes are failing, step on the brakes and if the car feels unstable, vibrates or knocks, or screeches, run to your nearest Service shop.


Tires are responsible for good braking, control, and acceleration of the car, so they are also an important part of your safety. To check the tires you must take into account the pressure and the level of wear. Another important point is the tire pattern. There you can find a line that indicates the level of tire tread wear, so it is necessary to change your tires when you notice them smooth since it can cause you to have less control of the vehicle and greater braking distance, which can be dangerous in the long term.

Shock Absorbers

Another component that helps maintain stability in cars is shock absorbers. With them, the vehicle can level out the bumps and impacts that it may suffer when driving daily, helping the tires to remain on the ground and not suffer greater wear.

Consider making a change of shock absorbers at 60 thousand kilometers, or in case you perceive noises when moving forward, lose control or bounce too much when going through bumps or potholes.

Lights And Bodywork

We know that you care that your car looks good, but in addition to fulfilling an aesthetic part of your car, headlights are also important for good visibility while driving. Here you must take care that the headlights are not cast or opaque, so if you notice that when driving at night your lighting is reduced, you should have them checked.

Every time you wash your car, try to use the right products that take care of the body paint from factors such as sun, rain, or animal feces. You can wash your car in our service workshops, where our qualified technicians, in addition to using products to make your car look shiny, can also apply innovative treatments such as Nano Paint Protection, a nanotechnology treatment to keep your car looking like new for longer. weather.

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