How to make money on Instagram?

How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram is a place to share the passion through pictures and videos. One can connect with other enthusiasts, increase the number of followers, become an influencer. It is easy for an influencer to earn money on Instagram. By affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, influencers can earn thousands of dollars in a month. How is this possible? How does a fan following on Instagram bring money?

The guide helps to understand how Instagram helps to earn money.

Affiliate products

Instagram allows to create links on the bio section and on the description section of the posts. These links help to connect with the main product page that explains about the product in detailed way. For every customer who visits the company product page through these links, the company pays a minimum amount. Some companies like momentology also offer percentage of profit.

How to optimize affiliate marketing links?

  1. Use shortened links. The services like Bitly can help to achieve this. This is to avoid the links to appear spammy.
  2. Use hashtags. They should be relevant, trendy and draw attention of the users.
  3. Create discount codes. Ask the users to use the codes while purchasing the product. This lets the company know that this particular Instagram page is driving sales of their products.

Advertise products

After becoming an influencer, one can sell sponsored products. The companies will pay for such posts that are related to their products and services in every way. By creating such posts on behalf of the companies, posting regularly, managing the comments and likes on their page one can earn a lot money. How do these affiliate posts work?

  1. The user is asked to share his details and personal experience with the company through various posts
  2. They will also be asked to repost some of the posts of the companies itself
  3. They will also be asked to share pictures of the products.
  4. The user should tag the company on every picture he shares related to the product.

Selling own merchandise

This option is for those Instagram users with entrepreneurial instincts. One can fashion their own products. Create innovative ways to spread the reach of the product. With huge number of followers, the reach can easily be achieved. This is an economical way than licensing the product to a larger company for better marketing options.

However, while adopting this method, one should be cautious. He is solely responsible for the physical and medical issues that the buyers face because of the product. Make sure to obtain all necessary licenses before selling the product.

Create paid services

If one has a good number of followers, he can access the skill or resources that the other users are interested in. It need not be in the form of product or brand. One can also monetize their skills like dancing, singing, drawing, etc.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Include links on the bio that takes the visitors to the website that provides complete description about the lessons. One can also include sample videos.
  2. Include the skills in the bio. Mention about the willingness to work offers. Include the contact details for the users to reach easily
  3. At the start, offer services at minimal rates. However, use this strategy only for a limited time period.
  4. To build a professional network and to increase the credibility of the profile stay connected with other users whose interests are similar.
  5. Make extensive use of videos, pictures, posts, pictures with awards, etc. to establish a stand of extraordinarily skilled.

Selling Instagram photos

One of the basic and common way to make money on Instagram is to sell photos. It is not necessary to have huge following to sell pictures. One can monetize their skills by the following ways.

  1. Offer to sell Instagram photos for a minimal fee. Mention that willingness to create similar pictures.
  2. Sites like shopify allow the users to sell their photos on their websites. Use such options to allow the followers to purchase the art pieces.
  3. One can also print their photos on T – shirts, mugs or even co – partner with companies selling personalized T – shirts
  4. Reach out to companies who are hiring freelancers and offer picture services. The companies like momentology will then pay to post specific types of posts according to their needs and to relate to their products.

Reach out to small Instagramers

There are only few persons on the top with great number of followers. One can reach out to those 1000s of aspiring channels looking to boost their popularity. Use the popularity to assure the other aspiring users to publicize their profile for a return fee. It can be done in the following ways

  1. Share the client’s posts regularly.
  2. Suggest him ideas about the current trending
  3. Tag him in the posts
  4. Ask the followers to check out his page
  5. Above all the best way is to become a follower of the client. This will increase the number of followers to his page instantly.

Offer Instagram tutorials for money

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is very difficult to accomplish. One needs to be highly skilled, knowledge about marketing strategies, information about the current trending to become an influencer. Therefore he is more than eligible to share his skills to others.

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