Reasons Why You Must Consider Feather Flags as One of Your Marketing Tools

Digital advertising is making its presence felt in all of our lives as people are more glued to viewing web content. But no one can ignore the importance of out-of-home (OOH) ad modes in promoting a brand. Still, billboards, painted walls, vehicle decals, posters, etc., hold value in this digital world. There’s another advertising medium that has become a favorite among marketers. The use of feather flags has gained significance. It might seem strange that a simple tool like a flag can impact the advertising campaigns in such a manner.

These flags are effective in creating a positive impression in people’s minds through their colorful and strategic display. They can never go unnoticed by a passerby. You can benefit in many other ways if you plan to use the feather flags in your upcoming events.

Do not lose their validity

Online ads have an expiry limit. But these flags do not lose their validity once they have been put up. They offer 24/7 exposure to your brand. Until and unless you have them installed at an event like the trade fair or product launch programs, you do not require uninstalling them after a certain period.


While planning out your business marketing strategy, if you analyze the advertisement costs, you will see that the feather flags are much more affordable than other modes of advertisements. You get the value of your invested money as these flags last long.

Easy to assemble

These feather flags come within specific kits. It makes it easy for you to assemble them as you do not need any tools for the process. They have a strong base where you only have to slide in the assembled flag. And when you do not need them, you can disassemble them and keep them ready to be used elsewhere.

Portable and lightweight

They are lightweight and portable. You do not have to arrange for a separate conveyance for transporting to other places. Some flags even have their own carrying bags. They allow you to take them anyplace you feel like to the plaza, beach, park, or to your next trade venue.

An investment that gives its full return

Investing money for making these flags will yield a full return. Once you take the trouble to make them according to your preference, you can reuse them for many years (provided they are of good quality and you have taken good care of them). So, it’s looked upon as an evergreen investment.

Ample of customization option

When you order these flags, you get to choose from various types of customization options like size, color, template, font, font size, and content too. Opt to design an eye-catching flag that will surely captivate the eyes of your target audience.

Fit for both outdoor and indoor use

The feather flags are made of such a material that they can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. They can withstand all the weather elements as they have a rugged build.


Such a versatile tool should be put to use by all the brands. They make the people feel a company’s presence all the time without being a nuisance.