Seven pro F1 tips you need to know

Anyone who has seen a Formula One race around a track will want to ride one, and F1 2021 provides modern fans with the same excitement. Thanks to this racing title, Formula One fans can finally experience great racing speed that no other game could emulate.

And those looking to dominate the competition in Formula One racing would have to stop thinking like a typical racing player and instead elevate their mindset. Those new to F1 2021 may feel a bit out of place going into their first few races. But just like any other racing game, getting a feel for the “beat” with a few F1 tips can improve your racing game and get you racing to the finish line.

There Is No Shame In Formula Two

Newcomers who tried to come up with a prize as soon as they opened F1 2021 are in for a tough time. After all, control becomes the name of the game when all Formula One cars are so much faster than today’s flashiest commercial cars. And while early F1 2021 players’ games can get overwhelming, this doesn’t mean they should quit the game.

Players who want to make their way into the core Formula One experience can try their luck on the F1 2021 Formula Two Grid. As in real life, F2 cars lack the complicated gadgets of their F1 counterparts, but they still speed demons in their own right. Players who want to train in raw speed handling could first enter F2 before entering core F1 2021 modes.

The Time Trial Is Everyone’s Best Friend

Newcomers and fans of the series might want to head over to F1 2021 and its Time Attack mode before proceeding anywhere else. First, newcomers can use the Time Trial to “get a glimpse” of how Formula One racing works. With a high-powered car in their hands, newcomers must balance acceleration, cornering, and braking correctly. That way, they can get into other parts of match management (fuel, tires, and the like) without worrying about their handling.

Second, Time Trial easily becomes a great way for series veterans to get acquainted with the new changes to the beloved franchise.

Be Practical With Aids

With F1 2021 trying to replicate the real Formula One experience as accurately as possible, players are forced to manage a lot of things. And with a high-speed run in addition to all these settings, it’s easy for players to get overwhelmed. Both newcomers and veterans of the series would have a much better time with the game if they activated most of the game’s assists efficiently.

For example, players can activate steering assist, brake assist, and antilock brakes to allow AI to help them out of tighter turns. Similarly, Dynamic Racing Line offers players a line of sight to follow when racing. Lastly, the high traction control helps prevent wheel spin. Players can slowly disable these settings as they feel more confident with their game.

ERS Assist Makes Management Bearable

F1 2021 Players Those who watch real racing would know that Formula One is not always about speed. Rather, it’s about managing things as complicated as pit entries and lap times, and even simple things like fuel and tires. In F1 2021, even battery use requires players to manually press another button during laps to maximize power use.

Fortunately, players can avoid this frustration with the ERS (Energy Recovery System) wizard activated. With this activated, the game itself will manage the car’s battery throughout the laps.

Flashbacks Make The Game More Bearable

With Flashbacks, players can “reverse” the flow of time and correct mistakes they have made during the game. However, players who are hesitant to use Flashbacks should be more inclined to use it for its practical benefits.

In addition to saving time, Flashbacks prevent players from starting a fairly long career. If the players suffer a crash that breaks the match midway, repeating 50 more laps to get to the same point can make the game less encouraging.

Feel Free To Experiment With The Settings

Advanced players who want to get the most out of their F1 2021 experience can get more creative with its settings in different locations. For example, tracks based in Japan may need cars that can access more downforce given the many twists and turns on their tracks.

However, those who want a more authentic Formula One experience can also refer to the leaderboards to try and study the settings that other players are using.

Choose A Career Mode Effectively

However, players must choose their career mode carefully to maximize their experience.

However, players who want a more intensive management experience may appreciate the My Team option. This allows players to manage a team and be able to race at the same time. In My Team, players can design a logo, manage R&D, and even find sponsorships for the team. Given the more demanding management approach, players with a flair for strategy will feel right at home in this mode.

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