Hilarious Movie Characters Of All Times

Steve Stifler in American pie

Known as “the stifmeister” in the American Pie series, his role in the gang is to act like the typical clown of the group making derogatory comments, acting cocky and stubborn. His rivalry to get in bed with his friends, Finch’s mom to get back at him is notoriously funny. Many other funny scenes bound to get you laughing out loud exist as well.

Chunk from the Goonies

Chunk is that chubby kid from the film Goonies who loves to eat and has a habit of suffering from chronic lying. Although he is famous in his peer groups, he is often the butt of jokes. His ecstatic and hilarious hyper nature without doubts tends to make us giggle.

Mr. Chow from the Hangover

No doubt one of the unforgettable characters of the Hangover series is Mr. Chow. His flamboyant, psychotic laugh, hilarious and rude mannerisms make him memorable in the film. He makes his first appearance in the film as a gangster who gets locked up in the trunk of a car and when the rest of wolf pack open the trunk only to see him fending them off without any clothes.

Peter Venkman from the Ghostbusters

Bill Murray does a great job in playing the role of Peter Venkman in the Ghostbuster film. Peter is a guy who loves humor and loves popping harmless jokes at his colleagues and isn’t that bothered by anything that is happening. His charismatic charm and humor are what makes him hilarious.

Kip Dynamite in Napoleon Dynamite

Kip Dynamite is the star of Napoleon Dynamite. He steals the show with his dumb looks and even dumber intentions of becoming a cage fighter with his brittle geeky physique. His voice only adds to the laughs per minute. In the film, he goes through adventures and makeovers to meet his online girlfriend in real life which are bound to leave you kneeling from laughing so hard.

Randolph Dupree in You, Me and Dupree

Owen Wilson plays a very humble, likable and hilarious character on the big screen. After being fired and homeless, his friend Carl takes him in, and that’s when the funny business begins. One of the hilarious scenes in the film was when he was caught pleasuring himself using Carl’ sock. Dupree’s presence on the screen itself is bound to make you smile as it is only minutes before a funny incident occurs.

Borat in Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen plays the role of a funny and weird T.V reporter from Kazakhstan who makes a fool of the “Americas.” There are a lot of strange and cringe-worthy moments in the film. End of the day, you are going to laugh so hard at what Borat does with his time in the U.S.

Hank and Charlie in Me, Myself and Irene

The funnyman Jim Carey does an absolutely ridiculously funny job with the roles he has in the film. Charlie is a state trooper who suffers from a split personality and schizophrenia narcissism rage, this where Hank comes in. Hank is the straight opposite of Charlie with a darker sense of humor and rage, which are absolutely funny to see. The hilarity of the film is maximized when he switches from one character to another and does things he isn’t proud of.

Brick Tamland in Anchorman

Steve Carrel plays the role of Brick Tamland a member of Ron Burgundy’s entourage. Brick is retarded in the film, and due to this factor, everything he says is irrelevant and ridiculously funny as most of the time he does not make sense.