Top 4 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Canvas Tarps

Truckers who require a new tarp always prioritize vinyl. This is one of the best materials for truck tarps due to their flexibility. Additionally, vinyl tarps are also rugged and lightweight. However, keep in mind that sometimes vinyl might not be the perfect material for the tarps. In this case, canvas tarps will work as the best substitute for vinyl tarps.

As canvas tarps are less abrasive and breathable, some certain kinds of loads can be paired perfectly with canvas tarps. Experienced and professional truckers won’t start their journey without collecting a bunch of canvas tarps for emergency purposes. However, don’t assume that you can purchase the canvas tarps easily. Just like the other tarps, the purchasing process of the canvas tarps is daunting. You need to remember a few key points. Here are the top 4 things you should know before purchasing canvas tarps.

They Come in Different Grades

Just like high-quality vinyl tarps, the canvas tarps are also available in various grades ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty. Heavy-duty canvas tarps are one of the best solutions for industrial environments where the supplies or loads can be exposed to harsh weather conditions including extreme hot or cold temperatures or specific types of chemicals. Even though heavy-duty canvas tarps are not something very trucker should purchase, but they will undoubtedly come in handy during emergencies.

Remember the Difference between Water-Resistant and Waterproof

While purchasing canvas tarps, you will notice that the tarps come with a water-resistant feature. After the manufacturing process, the canvas tarps are coated with high-quality wax so that they can effectively repel moisture. However, keep in mind that canvas tarps are not fully waterproof. This is because the design of the canvas tarps will be affected if it’s made waterproof. Canvas tarps come with breathable material and making them waterproof will affect the breathability. If you think you require 100% waterproof canvas tarps, you can customize your order. As per the Northface, the waterproof feature provides a complete water barrier.

Canvas is Complementary to Vinyl

This is arguably the most important thing you need to remember about canvas tarps before you decide to purchase them. Canvas tarps are designed to complement the vinyl tarps, not to replace them completely. In short words, the experienced trucker should require a complete selection of vinyl tarps to cover their truckload of supplies. Canvas is a material that might prove ineffective in certain situations. Therefore, you might use canvas tarps to protect the goods of your truck, but you should also keep in handy some vinyl tarps for most work.

The Maintenance Process of the Canvas Tarps is Greater

Canvas might be durable, but it’s not the primary choice of material for tarps as the maintenance process of the canvas is much more time-consuming and hectic than the vinyl tarps. Most truckers use vinyl tarps for their truck-related purposes because they know that they won’t have to clean the vinyl tarps every other day. Vinyl is capable of withstanding extreme conditions. On the other hand, canvas tarps are more susceptible to the growth of mold and mildew. Not to mention, they can be damaged easily.


These are the top 4 factors you should consider before purchasing canvas tarps. Remember that canvas tarps are extremely effective for equipment loads. Additionally, the canvas is the perfect material for farm equipment and hauling construction. Therefore, make sure the canvas tarps are made of high-quality materials to reap the proper benefits.