What is Twitter Spaces? How can it help my business?

Twitter continues to advance its new feature, Spaces. Testing of this function of the microblogging network began in December 2020 and has been gradually implemented. Until now, it was only possible to access Twitter Spaces from the app for Android or iO, but Twitter already allows you to join audio rooms from the web.

Twitter Spaces

After starting with a few users, Twitter has opened Spaces to everyone. But what is Twitter Spaces? Can we take advantage of it for our business?

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces are real-time voice rooms recently implemented by Twitter. They are Clubhouse-style audio chat spaces. Although it is technically available to all users of the social network, only those with more than 600 followers will be able to start voice chat rooms.

Twitter Spaces appear at the top at startup, where the Fleets are located. The photo of the user who started a conversation will appear. By pressing it, we can join the conversation as listeners and react in different ways. Such as emojis, asking for permission to speak by raising our hand, or sending tweets and direct messages.

The spaces are public, so anyone can join as a listener. In any case, direct messages or tweets with links to space can be sent to invite listeners.

Twitter will continue to move forward with this feature. The next step appears to be the sale of tickets to access the spaces, which will allow content creators to make money in the audio rooms.

How do Twitter Spaces work?

Twitter Spaces can be started by selecting the “write” option by pressing “+” and then selecting “Spaces”. It can also be done by clicking on the profile picture in Fleets, scrolling to the right, and clicking “Spaces.”

Once started, you have to name the space and then start.

With space started, the host can send requests to listeners to become speakers. You have to press the “People” icon and add speakers or touch the profile image of a listener within a space. For guests to speak, “Allow microphone access” must be enabled.

Captions can be activated so that people who need them can follow the conversation. As a listener, you have the ability to disable them if you wish.

How to use Twitter Spaces for our business

When the possibility of selling tickets to access a room is finally implemented, the business is clear: making money with our content as if it were a concert, event, or similar. But this feature applies to content creators. Among businesses in general, the use of Twitter Spaces provides some characteristics that we can take advantage of for our marketing strategy

Increase in engagement

Twitter Spaces allow you to interact with Twitter users, not just followers, which can help you increase the number of followers and, in any case, enjoy an enriching and quality engagement.

Networking and community building

Related to the above, the use of voice to offer presentations or publicize products or services allows increasing relationships with partners, clients, and all kinds of professionals, helping to increase your professional network and even a powerful community of users.


Twitter Spaces can become a simple and cheap way to get to know your audience. A way of making a kind of focus group with weight in the qualitative that allows you to gather information and opinions about your products, services, and business in general. The possibility of sending invitations also allows you to select your audience in a more precise way.

Interesting debates in your sector

Twitter Spaces allows you to make presentations and debates on topics of interest in your sector. It is an easy way to position yourself as a speaker and expert without having to resort to setting up expensive events. You can start it in seconds and invite the people you consider interesting to strengthen your brand and your personal and business reputation.

Sales through Twitter Spaces

Making direct sales through the audio rooms seems like a difficult task. But Clubhouse already has success stories in this regard. Why not make it happen on Twitter Spaces? In any case, the new Twitter tool allows you to invite the clients you want to be able to offer your services.

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